Which Factors Are Important in Your Aspen Home Search?

Which Factors Are Important in Your Aspen Home Search?

  • Ksenia Tyutrina
  • 05/16/23

Once a Victorian mining town, Aspen is a vibrant and healthy community renowned for its famed ski resorts. The abundance of art, dining, outdoor adventures, and nightlife guarantee you’ll never run out of things to do. The winter offers epic skiing across four mountains, while the summer brings concerts, hiking, food and wine festivals, and gorgeous blooms. 

Finding the perfect home for you will take an effort in this city, where high prices and low vacancy rates dominate free-market real estate. There is high demand for single-family homes, condominiums, ranchettes, and other properties in Aspen city limits. Within the city limits, you’ll find a mixture of updated Victorian mining cabins, large estate homes, and penthouse suites downtown. Many choose to build houses outside the city limits, where larger parcels of land offer expansive mountain views and opportunities to build grand estates.

If this is your first home purchase, you may want something smaller, but if you’re married with children, you’ll want something more significant. Choosing a home with a family also requires careful attention to the location and school districts. If you’re in a retirement phase, a large parcel of land to build a home in a quiet area may be all you need. If you travel often or prefer luxury living, a downtown penthouse will be more your style. Create a list of factors that matter while doing your online home search so you can narrow your favorites down. Here are some factors to consider.

The home’s location

Location affects everything from the home’s resale value to how long your family can stay there. Consider proximity to everything from dining and shopping to work and schools. If you have children, finding a place with parks nearby and other children in the neighborhood is a good idea. If you prefer being close to restaurants and entertainment, choose something within walking distance to downtown and your favorite things. You’ll want to carefully examine the neighborhood and location, going beyond an online search. Visiting the community also means meeting neighbors and getting an idea of what they enjoy about the area to see if it matches your desires.

Buying a home in a good location gives you what you want and helps with the resale value. Consider the economic health of the area and the major amenities, including hospitals, parks, high-end shopping, dining, etc. These factors will help determine if it’s a desirable location and fits your preferences.

The size and layout of the home

Finding a home that’s the right size and layout for your needs is an essential component of any home search. You’ll want to find something with ample space, whether you have a large family or need entertaining space. Even if you are single and loving your luxury penthouse now, considering the future is essential in determining your desire. Do you plan on having a family? Do you need space for entertaining or a home office? Ask yourself these questions before making any final decisions.

You’ll also want to consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Often buyers will have a preset number of bedrooms and bathrooms but don’t factor in the future. If you only need one bedroom now but plan to stay for five years minimum, consider an extra room for a home office, guest room, or child's room down the line. If you already have a large family and want everyone to have their own space, add another bedroom or two to the minimum so everyone has plenty of privacy. The same applies to bathrooms.

Sometimes, a bathroom will make or break a home for buyers. Many prefer having two full baths, including an ensuite to the primary bedroom. Those looking for more should consider a third full bath or even an additional half bath. In every situation, the size of the home and the number of rooms is essential.

The home’s features and amenities

It’s not enough to consider the size and number of rooms; you’ll also want to consider which features you’d like in your home. These include features on the inside and outside of the house and range from the type of flooring to the quality of the appliances. What’s on your wishlist? Would you prefer a three-car garage, or is a two-car garage acceptable? Are granite counters a deal breaker, or are you willing to swap those later? When making a significant purchase, whether it’s your main home or vacation home, you want the features
that speak to you. 

That doesn’t mean you should turn down a home if it lacks everything desired. Remember, you can easily add or replace things later. Something to consider is making a list of the features you want in a home and dividing them between a “must have” and a “this would be nice” feature. Things that are deal breakers are those you simply cannot live without, such as storage or a large kitchen for your family. A finished basement may not be imperative initially because it can be finished later if desired. Think about what you want, and then search for it.

School districts

If you base your home’s location on a family with children, an excellent educational system will also be high on your list. Parents want their children to gain a quality education and often search for areas specifically for that purpose. Not only is purchasing a home in a quality school district beneficial to your children while they attend, but it will maximize your potential gain later. It’s common knowledge that parents want the best for their children, so when you sell the home down the line, you’ll have a greater chance of getting top dollar from the next person looking. Aspen has an excellent school district, so wherever you look, you’re sure to find high-quality education.

Are you ready to find your next Aspen home?

Now that you know what factors to consider, it’s time to begin your search. If you’re ready to look at homes for sale in Aspen, CO, contact Ksenia Tyutrina. With plenty of knowledge and a wealth of experience, she’ll guide you smoothly along your journey.

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